William Wordsworth once said, “Fill your page with the breathings from your heart”, so I – who once did fill pages in paper journals – am now filling my computer screen with a nod to the 21st century……and a nod to speed. I do miss pen to paper, and I still do that for some writing, but I can’t beat the speed with which I can put thoughts to “paper” using a keyboard rather than a pen. Surely Wordsworth understands.

Breaths come from our lungs, but I believe sighs must come from our hearts. Those sighs have syllables. It’s in the breathing in and out, maybe more in the exhalations, that thoughts, feelings, and whatever else flitting across my consciousness begs to be expressed. Here I hope to put syllables to those sighs that form words, words that come from my heart, words hidden in the very breaths I exhale.

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