BRING BACK OUR GIRLS! That hashtag focused the globe on the gruesome act of kidnapping over two hundred school girls in Nigeria. Before the twitter universe captured the attention of the world, and fostered the outrage we hear now, the kidnapping had largely been ignored. Now, as I write this entry, our country has sent intelligence and investigators there to help discover where the kidnappers are holding the girls.

Since that kidnapping, there has been another one. That one was of eight to ten young girls, and the people in a village were slaughtered for talking to the Nigerian military who are also looking for the kidnap victims. Chilling.

I saw that when the Nigerian military decided to become involved, the soldiers drew lots to see who would go to look for the girls. I guess some were reluctant to possibly face the terrorists.

I can’t imagine that happening here in the United States. I don’t want to imagine it here. I want to think that if two hundred plus girls were taken by terrorists in our country, a)our government would act immediately, and b)our military would be anxious to find us. I want to think that it wouldn’t take the outrage of people half a world away to call attention to the plight of the girls.

As the world waits and wonders, those families wait in agony, in terror, in grief. As the world waits and wonders, the young girls are living a nightmare. May the people looking for them be guided by God. May those who took them face retribution.