Lord, I come to you this morning humbled by all that you do for us while we go about our busy days, rushing from one obligation to another, tending to details that seem important now but that are of no importance in eternity and certainly not in our walk with you. I come humbled by, once again, your movements in our lives, your daily attention to us that we either disregard or don’t take the time to notice.

You are the Master, the Redeemer, the Holy of Holies, and we are but your children, children who sometimes think we know it all, can do it all, and then can handle the consequences of our actions. Sometimes we forget to let you in, to make room for you in our day, to acknowledge that without you nothing is possible, but that through you all things are possible.

Yesterday Leisha and I, as you know, drove to Houston. She put money down toward a house there. It has been my dream since they moved to Malaysia that they would be back stateside, back to where we could love them and interact with them. Now, because of my daughter’s cancer, they are coming back. O, Lord, I do not believe You bring cancer into people’s lives, but you have used Leisha’s cancer to move that family closer to us for her treatments. You found a house for them, too. Oh, the wonders you perform! Pity we don’t recognize them every time. What a shame we only recognize them some of the time.

Tuesday, September 9, Leisha had a mastectomy on her left breast. The cancer was invasive, and (as you know) her treatment will be the full regimen to prevent its reoccurrence. It has been a long and trying three weeks. Seems like it’s been much longer than that, but I suppose that would be because we’ve known of the diagnosis since the end of July. My daughter has been cut, poked and prodded more than anyone deserves, and yet I know there are those worse off than she. I know there are children who go through torture from the monster we call cancer. Still, she is my child, and so to watch her walk this journey is to feel a small bit of the anguish You felt when You watched Your beloved son be sacrificed for our sins. Oh, how hard that must have been. We parents sometimes forget that you have suffered the greatest grief a father can ever suffer.

Lord. Be with Jared as he serves now as both father and mother to the girls in Malaysia, awaiting their move back to the states in December. He is facing so much, and he needs Your divine guidance, as we all do.

Lord, bless my Leisha as she goes through the treatment she is facing for her cancer. Bless her and help me, and all those who will walk through it with her, to be who she needs when she needs us. Help her to move closer to You as she makes the journey of cancer recovery. Hold her close. Bless Laura as she mothers, in her endeavors serving You, in her marriage with Craig, and in all things. She is such a servant for you. She tries so hard.

Bless my sister as she faces her fears about her chemo, Lord. May her cancer walk bring her closer to You. Protect her and keep her, even when she doesn’t recognize it is You who are always doing those things. May she realize, as we all need to, how present You are in our lives. Bless David as he struggles to help her. May he hear Your voice and follow You as we all should.

Bless my sweet husband whose love for me continues to model your commandments, and who takes life as it comes. Hold and protect him, help him work even those he is tired and would rather not. Please remove any undue pressure he may feel. Help me to keep from adding more pressure than he already has.

Bless my father, one of your children who tries to grow closer to you every day. May He know your love and your acceptance of him just the wonderful way he is. Help me to be the daughter he needs me to be.

Lord, help me to catch fire for You, to be what I need to be, to have my heart break over what breaks yours. Guide me to help those who need it, and to find a tenderness within me to help me accept all people, to meet them where they are, and to give of myself to them.

Lord, help Mark and I to manage our finances. Please protect us from foolishness and mismanagement as we go through our days so that we can honor our obligations and live with freedom from worry. We need your help with this, Father, as I’m sure You know..send your Holy Spirit to guide us in all things, even our finances.

In Your holy name I pray and that of your beloved son, Amen.