I wish I could send a text message to God.  Oh, I know I can pray, and I do, but wouldn’t it be nice to send a text message and hear that little notification sound a few seconds later, look down at the cell phone screen, and read His answer?  It would be, pardon the pun, heavenly to get that instant answer from God.   At first when I thought of hearing the sound that would mean I’d gotten such a text, I thought of the alert sound I have now.  It hit me only a few seconds later that, of course, God would have His own alert sound.   It would more than likely not be one that comes already installed on the iPhone.  I guess I could spend hours simply trying to imagine what God would use for his text alert sound for my phone.  Maybe he’d use the same sound on all our phones. No matter.  The comfort that would come from such a tangible communication from the Almighty, the Holiest of Holies, simply can’t be matched.

Just imagine that you’re in a committee meeting, discussing something on the agenda,  speaking an opinion or idea when, in the middle of that little speech, we all hear God’s text alert coming from the phone in YOUR purse or pocket.  I would imagine at that moment we would all pause to check our own phones. too.  After glancing at the phone screen, you (if the speaker) might continue speaking as if you had been given an affirmation of your idea, or you might yield the floor (depending, of course, on what God said in his message to you).  Should that happen, the rest of the group could guess that your idea wasn’t exactly to His liking.

Imagine praying with all the intensity and faith we have on behalf of a loved one or friend, even for ourselves.  Imagine how absolutely wonderful it would be to finish the prayer, say our Amen, and in less than a minute hear the Godly text alert from our cell phone.  What a comfort it would be to know that our prayer had reached God’s heart just as we had hoped it would.

I’m sure it seems silly – and even a bit irreverent – to speak about God in cell phone terms.  I mean, would he send a smiley face icon to put our mind at ease about a problem we have or if He were especially proud of us at that moment?  Would we get a lightening bolt icon in the middle of an argument to let us know we needed to change directions, that we’d gotten it wrong?  Maybe it would seem  like a nudge to let the other person make his or her point instead.  Think of the possibilities.  Who would need the weather channel if our cell phone, after sounding God’s alert, would show us a thunder cloud icon?  NO, wait – I imagine if God were to exchange text messages with us, He might limit them to our prayers or serious situations going on in our lives.  Even in this age of digital communication, I doubt God would opt for the frivolous.

We’re now encouraged to check in at church on our cell phones so that people know we’re in worship.  Think of sitting in your pew, checking in your location, and suddenly getting a thumbs up text response ae6467655d0e7fea24e5408401a479a0from God.  We know He can use all things for good.  Maybe soon it will be texts or Facebook! Be ready.  Should you hear an alert sound you did not choose for your phone, you might be getting a more direct communication than you expected……….